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  Currency Discriminators
We carry a complete line of new
Bank Grade High Quality
Mixed Bill-Currency-Money Counters
Seetech Currency Discriminator SeeTech iHunter Currency Discriminator Toshiba IBS-200 currency discriminator semacon currency discriminator Shinwoo SB 1000 Currency Discriminato Billcon Currency Discriminator

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Available Refurbished
Cummins Jetscan 4062/4065
Currency Discriminator Counter
Cummins JetScan 4062 Discriminator
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Refurbished with 45 day warranty

Using the state of the art currency discriminator counter, enables counting mixed denominations of currency or bills, quick, easy and accurately.  By scanning and identifying the denomination of each bill, these mixed money counters will automatically add and display the total dollar amount of the stack being counted.  Currency discriminators come in one and two pocket models. Working with the two pocket units, one can sort out individual bills, and face or orientate them with no need to stop during the process, as those bills are diverted to the second pocket. Counterfeit detection – MG,UV is standard on all our units.

SeeTech iSniper
1-Pocket Currency Discriminator
Mixed Bill-Currency-Money Counter

The iSniper is an advanced, intelligent single pocket counter/discriminator with superior counterfeit detection. The iSniper uses both magnetic and ultraviolet sensors to detect counterfeit bills. Using full IR CIS sensors, it can recognize the value of US currency, EURO and local currencies. The clam shell styled front cover allows for easy access to sensors and rollers for cleaning.

Seetech iSniper, Currency Discriminator
  • Accurate one pocket counter with multi currency detection. Piece and value counting.
  • Detect new and old series as well as dirty and soiled banknotes.
  • Handles 5 currencies maximum. Currencies can be composed by several available local currencies.
  • Several different counting modes with/without detection.
  • Local display language (optional).
  • Batch counting number selectable from presets or from number key input.
  • Rejects suspect banknotes and rules out identification errors. The machine stops automatically and the suspect banknote will not be counted.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning due to easy-open mechanism.
  • Step-adjustable counting speed (700 to 1.400 notes per minute).
  • Detection speed 900 notes per minute.
  • Very tolerant to worn and soiled banknotes.
  • PC interface (USB) for convenient upgrade when new counterfeit banknotes emerge on the market for data exchange.
  • External printer and external display can be connected to iSNIPER.
  • 3D size detection.

Technical Specifications:

-Feed Method: Roller Friction
-Counting Speed: 1000 notes/minute (value counting) 1100 notes/minute (piece counting)
-Hopper Capacity: Approximately 500 notes
-Stacker Capacity: Approximately 200 notes
-Display: 3.1" Graphic LCD (192 x 128 Dot)
-Power Source: AC 220V/50Hz or AC 110v/60Hz
-Power Consumption: Standby 20W, Max. 75W
-Dimensions: 11.7"(W) x 9.25"(L) x 11"(H)
-Net Weight: 22.1 lbs.

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SeeTech iHunter-2.0
(formally ST-150)
2-Pocket Currency Discriminator/Scanner
Mixed Bill-Currency-Money Counter

The iHunter 2.0 is the redesigned and improved version of the SeeTech ST-150 discriminator. An advanced, intelligent two pocket counter/discriminator with superior counterfeit detection. Using full IR CIS sensors, it can recognize the value of US currency, EURO and local currencies. The iHunter 2.0 uses both magnetic and ultraviolet sensors to detect counterfeit bills.

SeeTech iHunter Currency Discriminator
  • Features:
    -Enhanced speedy counter
    -Serial number recognition (option)
    -Serial number is recognized by using OCR
    up to 800 notes/min)
    -Detects duplicated serial number or counterfeit serial number as a counterfeit note.
    -Available up to 10 currencies
    -Complete authentication
    -High-level fitness sorting
    -Accurate serial number recognition
    -Highly visible 4.3 inch color graphic LCD
    -Easy upgrade by LAN or USB
    -Flexibly designed menu and GUI
    -Duplicated key buttons for two tellers


  • Counterfeit Detection: CIS, IR, MG, UV
  • Currency: Maximum 10 currencies
  • High Speed Value Counting:
    Count Only: 1500 notes/minute
    Value: 1500 notes/minute
    Fitness(ST-150F): 1000 notes/minute
    Serial(option): 800 notes/minute
  • Pocket Capacity (New/Old):
    Hopper: Over 500 notes
    Reject Pocket 100 / 70 notes
    Stacker 300 / 200 notes
  • Fitness: Stains, Limpness, Dog-ears, Tears,Holes, Folds, Mutilations, Thickness,
    Repairs, Composed, De-inked, etc.
  • User Interface: Color TFT-LCD (4.3 inch), Audio
  • Dimensions 300(W) x 321(D) x 310(H) mm
  • Weight: 31 lbs.
  • Power Supply: 100 ~ 240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Globalization: Multi language support
  • Communication Channel: LAN, USB, RS232C
    (External display, Thermal printer)
  • Upgrade: LAN, USB

Call or Contact us for pricing and more information.

Toshiba IBS-200
2 Pocket Currency Discriminator
Mixed Bill-Currency-Money Counter

Toshiba IBS-200 currency discriminator The IBS-200 is our newest currency scanner and the options include fitness sorting, serial number detection, value and mixed note counting, note sorting with stranger rejection, facing and note orientation, and counterfeit detection. The 4.3" color touch screen allows easy use and navigation with user friendly icons and enlarged count result display. This unit includes USB, LAN and Serial connections with optional printer or remote display. Fast operation with 1000 notes/min counting, 600 note capacity hopper, 200 note stacker and 100 note reject pocket.


    * 4.3" TFT Touch Screen
    * Mixed Counting Mode
    * Sorting Mode
    * Piece Counting Mode
    * Counterfeit Detection
    * Face & Orientation Modes
    * RS-232 & USB output port-ready
    * Easy Setup and Maintenance
  • Low NoiseFeed System: Roller Friction System
  • Pockets (2): One Stacker and One Reject
  • Adaptation Currencies: USD with option to detect CAD, MXN, EUR & GBP
  • Counting Speed: 750- 800 notes per minute ( Mixed and Detection Modes ); 1000 notes per minute in Counting (Piece) Mode
  • Hopper Capacity: Approx. 600 Notes
  • Stacker Capacity: 200 notes
  • Reject Stacker Capacity: Approx. 50 notes ( Adjustable from 25- 100 notes )
  • Power Supply: 110VAC + 10%50/60Hz. (switchable to 220VAC)
  • Interface: PC Terminal Interface ( RS-232C ); Printer Interface ( RS-232C ); USB 2.0 Interface


  • Reliable currency Discriminator Counter and Counterfeit Bill Detecting
  • Sorts with UV (Ultraviolet), MG (Magnetic), CIS & Ultrasonic Detections Facing and Orientation etc...
  • Efficient and Improved Bill Feeding Mechanism
  • Low Noise with Counting
  • Easy to use, Customer-Friendly 4.3" TFT Touch Screen Display

Call or Contact us for pricing and more information.

Shinwoo SB 1000-PLUS
2 Pocket Currency Discriminator/Scanner
Mixed Bill-Currency-Money Counter

The Shinwoo SB-1000+ Currency Discriminator/Scanner/Counter is an intelligent and extremely reliable currency counter using image processing technology, which scans a note and reads the denomination.  No more separating all your bills before you count.  Just place all the bills in at once and start counting!  With it's modern design and full graphic LCD, the SB-1000+ provides you a more reliable, comfortable, and efficient working environment for your currency counting needs.

-Mixed Mode: Identifies and counts mixed denomination notes at 1000 notes/Min
-Single Mode: Counts and separate one denomination of note from others
-Face Mode: Face mode will process all faced (front side) notes into the main pocket and unfaced (back side) to the reject pocket.  
-Orientation Mode: Orientation Mode will process same direction of front side of a note to the main pocket and other direction of front side of a note to the reject pocket.  
-Print Mode: Print mode will print a report of value and piece count of all denomination of notes with RS232 Serial Dot Matrix or Thermal Printer.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 312 (W) x 321 (H) x 289 (D) mm
Weight: 12.5 Kg.
Size of Banknote: 60 x 100 mm - 100 x 185 mm
Banknote Thickness: 0.08 mm - 0.12 mm
Currency: US$, EUR, MX $, CO$
Counting Speed: 800/1000/1200 notes per Minute
Feeding System: Roller Friction System
Hopper Capacity: 300 Banknotes
Stacker Capacity: 200 Banknotes
Pocket Capacity: Up to 70 banknotes
Power Source: AC 110/120 V, 220/240 V, 50/60 Hz
Counterfeit detection: MG, UV and CIS
Counting Mode: Mixed, Single, Facing, Orientation, Sepa, Free, Batch
Discrimination Mode: Single, Mixed, Facing, Orientation
Interface RS 232: Included

Call or Contact us for pricing and more information.

Semacon S-2500
2-Pocket Currency Discriminator/Scanner
Mixed Bill-Currency-Money Counter

The Semacon S-2500 Bank Grade Two Pocket Currency Discriminator is designed with Semacon's SmartFeed™ technology for maximum accuracy in high volume applications and is used by banks, credit unions, casinos, large retailers and other industries.  It features heavy duty construction, operational flexibility and ease of use.

This currency discriminator features Semacon's SmartDetect™ Advanced Counterfeit Detection System designed to accurately pinpoint suspect banknotes including ultraviolet (UV), magnetic (MG), fluorescence (FL), metal thread (MT) and infrared (IR) detection technologies. 

This discriminator was developed specifically for banks and other businesses with high cash volumes and is capable of continuous operation in the harshest environments.  It features a color graphic touchscreen display and control panel and is one of the most compact two pocket discriminators available.

Semacon currency discriminator


The S-2500 can be operated in a variety of discrimination modes:

  • Mixed Bill Value Counting
  • Mixed Bill Sorting by First Denomination
  • Mixed Bill Sorting by Specified Denomination
  • Sort Notes by Face and Sort
  • Sort Notes by Orientation.
  • The S-2500 Currency Discriminator can also be used as a Currency Counter without Denomination Recognition
  • Operating at a range of speeds from 800 to 1500 notes per minute.
  • Batching and continuous add mode are also supported


  • Feed System:  SmartFeed™ Friction  Roller System
  • Hopper Capacity:  500 Notes
  • Stacker Capacity:   250 Notes (Main Stacker)  / 100 Notes (Reject Stacker)
  • Counting Speed:   750 NPM (Discriminating) / 800 – 1500 NPM (Counting) 
  • Power Source:   110 – 240 VAC  -   50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions:   10.25″W x 12″D x 13″H
  • Counter Dust Cover
  • Weight:  21 lbs
  • Shipping Weight:  24 lb


Billcon D-551
2 Pocket Currency Discriminator
Mixed Bill-Currency-Money Counter

The Billcon D-551 Bill Counter is a Heavy Duty "Mixed" Currency Counter, Currency Discriminator, Money Value Counter and "Mixed" Bill Sorter featuring a new technology capable of processing up to 1200 "Mixed" banknotes per minute. Pre-sorting is not required.

The D-551 Bill Counter has four modes for counting or batching. One button operation displays count in dollar amounts for each bill type. The Billcon D-551 "Mixed" Bill Counter has a large hopper with a 300 note capacity to load large quantities of bills into the machine and also has a 100 note pocket to hold bills of mixed denominations and a 200 note stacker to keep the bill count continuously moving.


Billcon Currency Discriminator
  • Mixed Mode <Mixed Counting>:  Identifies and counts mixed denomination bills, providing an error-free summary of each denomination and/or the total count.
    Separation Mode <Separate Denomination Counting>:  Counts a specific denomination.  When a bill of a different denomination is detected, the machine temporarily stops.  When bills are removed from the stacker, counting resumes. 
  • Single and Direction Mode <Different Denomination Detection /Specific Orientation Counting>:  Detects the denomination and orientation of the first bill, and counts only bills of the same denomination and orientation.  Other bills are fed to the pocket.
  • Direction Mode <Specific Orientation Counting>:  Selects and counts bills in any of four specified orientations (face/back and left/right) without interrupting totaling.  Bills of a different orientation are fed to the pocket.  Convenient for organizing the orientation of bills.
  • Free Mode <Piece Counting>


  • Currency: US Dollars - 7 denominations
  • Count Speed:  600 to 12000 notes per minute
  • Hopper Capacity:  300 bills   
  • Preset Batch: 100, 50, 20, 10 adj. from 1-999
  • Stacker Capacity:  200 bills
  • Pocket Capacity:  100 bills    
  • Counterfeit Detection:  Magnetic sensors
  • Dimension:  13.0" (W) x 13.1" (L) x 12.0" (H) (excluding hopper guide)
  • Net Weight:  30 lbs.
  • Power:  AC 100 volt to 120 volt +/- 10%

Call or Contact us for pricing and more information.

We also carry refurbished used currency discriminators,
 which we offer at very competitive prices.

cummins 4096 -

Cummins JetScan 4096
2-pocket Currency Discriminator
Mixed Bill/Money Counter

w/dual counterfeit detect.

Refurbished w/warranty,
upgraded for latest $ bill.

Call for availability 



Currently we have these refurbished models available.

Call us for more details.

cummins 4062 -

Cummins JetScan 4062
1-pocket Currency Discriminator
Mixed Bill/Money Counter

Refurbished w/warranty,
upgraded for latest $ bill.

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Providing and serving the equipment needs
 of Banks, Credit Unions, Financial Institutions and Businesses for over
 24 years!




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